Psalms 4 ( A psalm for the new-born )

A psalm for the new-born

Oh Lord, what do I do now?
Every eye is upon me, the good, as well as the bad.
How do I follow you?
How do I keep from those things that haunt me?
You say my sins are forgiven, but I still remember the darkness,
Oh help me hold on to you.
They say there is so much to do,
And I know so little.
Why can’t it be as it was when you touched my heart?
Sometimes the pain of changing overcomes me.
Where is that place of rest?
I am weary and my strength is fading,
Oh rescue me my Lord.
I long to follow but your voice is faint.
There are so many voices that confuse me.
When will I feel the victory?
When will I walk in faith?
When will you here my prayers?
My thoughts consume me.
The enemy is at every turn and I can’t outrun him.
Temptation is in every thing I see.
Sometimes you seem so far, yet terror seems so near.
Please hear my cry and come to comfort me.
I am your God and I am near.
The terror is near, but I am between you and the terror.
I hear your prayers and I hear your cries.
I see those who come to temp you, for they were here from the beginning.
Fear not the tempters, they can only temp you.
Fear the Lord, for He can deliver you in your time of need.
It is not easy to walk with Me, for I walk upright.
There is one who is low to the ground
And does not walk upright, he is easy to follow.
Stay firm to what you have been shown by my Spirit,
And I will lift you up in times of lowness.
There are many voices that have remained through the ages.
They cry out for companions because they dwell in darkness.
You only need to know that I love you.
Walk upright, as I walk upright.
Remember, every knee will bow down to My Son.
Make sure you know whom you are bowing down before.
Your journey is one step at a time.