Psalms 5 ( A psalm of faith )

A psalm of faith

My Lord, teach me what faith really is.
They say it is believing in something that I can not see nor touch nor taste.
Every time I try and have faith, it seems to be replaced with
Something that I can touch or hold
Why can’t I touch or hold faith?
Why can’t faith be something I can see, like a flower or a rock?
What is there that can contain this thing called faith and where can I get it?
It is like the air, invisible to see, yet still there.
Why do I need proof that this faith is there?
Is it lack of faith that causes faith not to be there?
Help me to have faith. Help me feel this faith.
Reveal something to me so that I may start to understand this thing called faith.
Who are you writing to and where will you send this plea.
What address do you use and who will take it there.
Faith is hope.
Faith is a destination and lack of faith is an endless road.
Faith is being drawn and lack of faith is being still.
Faith is knowing nothing and lack of faith is nothing it all.
Faith is the hope of things that are going to happen.
Lack of faith doesn’t stop these things from happening.
My Son died for your sins.
Your lack of faith doesn’t change that fact.
It just means that you don’t believe He did.
The sun rises and sets.
Lack of faith does not change that fact.
The question you should be asking is not so much how or when, but why.
If you know why, then how is not so important.
You know why there is air, even if you don’t know how.
Faith is excepting what is going to happen even if you do not know how.
I Am, that I Am
Your lack of faith can not change that fact.
If you believe in Me, I will prepare your path.
If you do not believe in me, I will prepare your path.
Your path has been prepared from the beginning of time.
Your path will either be one of hope or one of hopelessness.
Remember, the question should be why, not how.
If you knew how I did everything, you still couldn’t comprehend it.
So it is only important that you know why.
The why is because I love you!