Psalms 2 ( A Psalm from the darkness )

A Psalm from the darkness

Oh Father, it is the middle of the night
There is darkness all around me and the enemy is screaming in my soul.
When I open my eyes I get sick and vomit, where can I run from this.
What forces torment me and who is ripping at my flesh?
My skin is on fire and my stomach is convulsing.
I call out to You and look for Your presence.
Oh when will you deliver me from the hands of the destroyer?
As the weight of my affliction bears down on me,
I cry out Your name.
In the midst of this darkness, I search for Your light.
How long can my soul withstand this pain?
Where is this rest that You speak of?
I exult Your name above all others
And I sing your praises above that of the angles.
Hear my heart and feel my desperation Lord.
Let Your Grace and Mercy find me where I am at.
In that place where salvation is the center of my pain.
Send me the One Who walked and healed my fathers.
I need the One whose Grace was the cross,
and whose Mercy was forgiveness.
Would You bear me up that I might stand another day?
Would You have the wind of Your Spirit clear this fog that I walk in?
I have no knowledge of my own, only this thing that drives me.
Make straight this path that I walk and open my eyes.
My Grace and Mercy walks among you.
Just close your eyes and see My Son.
The destroyer will temp you with your eyes,
But your path will be clear when your eyes are closed.
Lean not on what you see, but with what you feel.
This pain you feel is the fog of illusion.
The Wind of Truth will blow it away that you might see clearly.
Calling out to Me is not so I know where you are,
But that you might know where I am.
The flesh is but a reflector of the soul
And the soul is but a reflector of the spirit.
The more you close your eyes, the better you feed your spirit.
The more you feed your spirit, the better you feed your soul.
The more you feed your soul, the better you feed your flesh.
Seek ye first this Kingdom that I have given you,
And all things will be given unto you, through that Kingdom.
Just remember, that if you love Me,
they will also cast lots for what you have.