Psalms 3 ( A psalm for the Lost )

A psalm for the Lost

Who is this person that you see?
I have known them all my life.
Why do you not see them as I see them?
What do you see?
What causes them to hide in the forest?
What causes them to run from the light?
Is it the darkness that frightens them?
Or is it the light?
What is this light that drives them away?
Is it the light of their awareness or
Is the light of your awareness?
Does the light only shine on their outward appearance or
Does it shine on the inward parts?
What do you see?
Who are you looking at?
They put on a mask to try and hide their shame.
Which one of you gave them this shame?
I did not give them any shame,
So it must have come from you.
When you look at them, you are looking at Me.
Just like when I look at you, I am looking at them.
If you look at them through your eyes,
I will look at you through their eyes.
But if you look at them through My eyes,
I will look at you through My Son’s eyes.
I will have mercy, on who I will have mercy on,
Not whom you will have mercy on.
I love them because they belong of Me,
Do you love them for the same reason?
Who will go into the forest and find My children?
Who will tell them about the feast that I have prepared?
They are blinded by light of your awareness,
And can not find their way.
If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it,
Does it still make a sound when it falls?
I hear it!