Psalms 1 ( A psalm of Hunger )

A psalm of Hunger

As I sit here, there is a void in my soul; I feel emptiness in my heart.
I am in a place of restlessness, and the task, I can not see.
Nothing seems to stop this urge that is tearing at my heart.
I am walking in circles, with no destination.
Lord, why do I feel this way?
Why can I not be content with this day?
I search my mind and I search the highways.
I find no knowledge of that which I need to fill this void.
I go out aimlessly to find that thing that is drawing me.
I go from one place to another and only find emptiness.
I have no direction, only desire.
I look for a sign and only find this desire that is drawing me.
When will Your will make itself known?
When will this emptiness be filled?
When will You come to me and tell me how to quench this fire?
I pray that my soul can withstand this burning.
I know only to go and hope to find that with is waiting for me.
I will not come to you, you must come to Me.
I am drawing you to where I am at.
I am with the lost and hurting.
I am with the ones that are crying out.
You must follow the desire of your heart.
If I am the desire of your heart, you will find me.
I have set you apart to be where I am, not to be where you are.
I am drawing you away from where you are to be with me.
You were called to be with me.
When you are not with me, you will feel the emptiness of where I am not.
Do not seek to do for Me, only seek to be with Me.
There is nothing that needs to be done that I am not doing.
If you are with Me, then you can partake in what I am doing.
I will not create something outside of what I am doing,
So that you will have something to do, seek Me.
The emptiness you feel is not because I am not with you,
For I am with you always.
Your feeling of emptiness is because you are not with Me.
My sheep here My voice and that is what is drawing you.
I am drawing you to where I am at.
You have no direction because where I am at can not be found with a map or compass.
What device can be used to locate the path to someone’s heart?
I, only, I can draw you to that place.
One heart is drawn to another. One heart cries out to another.
You will find Me between the one that cries out and the one that is drawn.
For Love is who I am and only Love can bring these two together.
If you are not crying out and if you are not being drawn, there I will not be.
A place of emptiness is where you are nether crying out or being drawn.