What is the definition of "To Change"?

What is the definition of “To Change”? 

  1. To become different.
  2. To remove something dirty or used and replace it with another that is clean or unused.
  3. To pass from one state or stage to another.  


Sometimes you change something that only changes its appearance but not its value.

Changing a quarter for two dimes and a nickel.

Putting on expensive cloths


Sometimes you can change the outside and not change the inside.

Putting on clean cloths without taking a bath gives the impression that you are clean.

Acting as if you like someone, even though inside, you really don’t.


Sometimes you can change into something totally different than what you were.

A caterpillar changes into a butterfly.

When enough heat is applied, sand changes into glass.


Whether you like it or not, you are in a constant state of change. The question is, “What are you changing into? Since the moment you were born, you have been changing. How you conduct yourself through life is a direct refection of what you are changing into. The changes that you go through are either for appearance or value. Appearance changes are graded solely by those who look at your appearance. Value changes are graded by you. If you put on expensive cloths, those who see you will think that you have money, even though you are poor. You see, even though you have changed your appearance, your value has not changed. If your cloths are dirty because you have been cleaning out the septic tank for someone who could not afford to have it pumped, well, your value has changed even though your appearance has gotten worse. The question is, “What is more important, appearance or value”? 

Appearance is on the outside and Value is on the inside. Appearance is of man and Value is of God. In God’s eyes, your appearance does not change your value, but rather, your value changes your appearance. You can put on all the clean cloths you want, but if you are dirty, you still smell. What does God consider value in a person? God considers Truth, Obedience, and Faithfulness to be of great value.


*Value: The worth, importance, or usefulness of something to somebody 

*Truth: Something that corresponds to fact or reality

*Obedience: The act of obeying, the action, or condition of obeying                                                              authority

          *Faithfulness: To be consistently trustworthy and loyal

     *Appearance: A performance or exhibition before a public audience  


    Remember, you are going to change. The question is, “Are you changing your appearance or are you changing your value”?


Matt 13:45-46

45 "Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant seeking fine pearls, 46 and upon finding one pearl of great value, he went and sold all that he had and bought it"