Lead the Followers or Follow the Leader

Lead the Followers or Follow the Leader



I was sitting at my desk this morning and I was making yet another list of the things I need to do. I have made so many lists and I rarely ever finish them. I wonder if I purposely make them so long that I can’t finish them or maybe I just can’t seem to ever stay focused. Maybe I am drawn to the things that are pleasing and shy away from the things that require too much time and effort. Sound like anyone you know? I have been thinking, maybe I am a leader and I just need some followers to do the things that I need done. What if I am a follower and I just need someone to lead me. Can you see what a state of confusion I am in? Maybe I need to look at what it means to follow and what it means to lead. To follow means to be influenced, led, guided, by somebody or something. To lead means to control, direct, or command others. It seems that in order to be a leader, you must first be a follower.

         When I sit down and make this list, I am a follower. When I take control of this list, I become a leader. If I had nothing on my list, I would not be influenced by anything and if I am not influenced by anything, I would have nothing to take control of. So you see, you must first follow, and then you can lead. Putting it another way, before you can lead, you must be led.

         There are many Christians that want to lead and there are many that are content with being led. Many times these Christians that want to lead forget that it is first, Christ is in you, (You being Led) and then, who you are in Christ, (You being a leader). God wouldn’t have you lead His people if you yourself could not be led. Maybe what makes you a leader is the amount of influence your following had on you? Remember my list, maybe the taking control of my list was hinging on how much influence it had on me? A friend of mine once said, “You must first give and then you can receive”. You must first give in to that which has influenced you, and then you can direct others in that which you have been influenced. If you are not influenced then you have nothing to direct others with.

        This list represents all the things that I need to do. Being aware of these things and doing these things are two different issues. I can make out a list at the drop of a hat, now doing them, well that is another story. Being aware of all the things that can influence you and being influenced by them, well that’s another story. You can read all the things that are in the Bible and if they don’t influence your life, it is like making a long list that you don’t ever do anything with. How can you direct somebody with the things that are in the Bible if you yourself have not been directed by them? How can you teach what you have not learned? Is the purpose of making a list to show somebody that you have a list or is the purpose of making a list so that you can be influenced by that list? Jesus said, “I can to fulfill the list”.

        I think I will spend more time with the list that God has given me and be influenced by it and stop making myself a new list everyday. I want to first follow the One leader and then I want to lead those who want to follow.