Let Me Tell You What I Think

As I was sitting here this morning and a thought came to me. Isn’t it funny how people say, “God is really using you”, when you say something that they agree on or do something they approve of, but if it is something that they don’t like or something they don’t understand, now your outside of God’s will. I wonder if the Prophets of old had to put up with the same thing. I guess that everything God wants to say and do should be accepted with open arms, even though it has never been fully accepted since time began. God uses those who are not conformed to what the general population thinks, after all, His ways are not our ways, and His thoughts are not our thoughts. What a lonesome task it is to be a messenger of God, everyone wants to tell you what God is telling you, like God chose you because you couldn’t hear His voice. Maybe He chose to use you because you had people around you who could speak for God. I don’t think so! It is only important that you know what God is telling you. If these people are so in tune, why doesn’t God just use them and bypass you? 

When God speaks to you, it is because He wants you to do something that He wants done. When people speak to you, they want you to do something that they want done. God uses you according to how you interact with Him, not how you interact with people. People often hang with you based on how you interact with them more than how you interact with God, do the math. Jesus constantly interacted with His Father and the people either got it or not. Jesus did not interact with the people and figured His Father would either get it or not. Jesus had a plan that was His Father’s will and He followed that plan. Can you imagine what would have happened if He had followed the people’s plan? Lots of people disagreed with what Jesus was saying, now as long as He was doing the miracle thing, everything was all right, but when He started with that, you must do this and you must be like that, well, everybody started voicing their opinion. God’s plan didn’t change just because the people’s wants changed. God has not chosen everyone to be His messenger because He knows that a lot of people would become their own messenger. Know this, you know that you are God’s messenger if they throw stones at you and try and get you to do things that are pleasing in their eyes.
They have never wanted to face God alone and always wanted someone to be the middle man, look at Moses. If you go up on the mountain and come back with something from God, what would they do? As they sit there and you are on the mountain, they are building a golden calf in their minds. Does the golden calf mean that you spoke to the wrong Person on the mountain, may it never be. Stand on that ground that God has called you to and know that there are many who have some new idol they want to display. What made the people fall was that they were looking at Moses and judging him and not looking at the One who had chosen him. Moses did what God wanted, regardless of what the people wanted. Oh, by the way, Moses had his faults too.