Shelter or Home, it is a Matter of Perspective

A structure or building that provides cover from weather or protection against danger.
An establishment providing accommodations and food for people who need to leave a violent or otherwise dangerous situation.
An establishment that takes in and looks after the lost or unwanted.
A place to live, considered as one of life's necessities.
To provide somebody or something with protection, cover, refuge, or safety.
The place where a person, family, or household lives.
A family or any other group that lives together.
Where somebody was born or raised or feels he or she belongs.
The place where something is most common or indigenous, or where something had its origins.
A place where a person or animal can find refuge and safety or live in security.
An establishment where somebody who is in need of care, rest, or medical attention can stay or find help.
The term, “Living in a Shelter” implies that you are in need of help. It is not difficult to realize that you need.

            One time I had come down with scabies, which is an infection that causes you to break out and generally appear between your legs. When I went to the doctor to get help, he said it was the worse case he had ever seen. I was not embarrassed that the doctor knew what I had or even that I had to go to County General to get some shots. I knew I needed help and this was the place I needed to be. While I was waiting in the examining room for my shots with my pants off, the door opened up and about ten interns came in with the doctor. This was a teaching hospital and the doctor wanted his students to see this full blown case of scabies that I had. The amount of embarrassment that I felt while I stood there answering questions and having these men and women looking at my infected crotch was almost more than I could take. Not to mention what I felt when I saw that one of the female interns that was looking at this disgusting infection was the same woman that moments before I was flirting with in the outer waiting room, so much for my macho image. Needless to say, it was one of my top ten worse situations that I have ever been in.
Do you know that you can be sheltered in a home and you can have a home in a shelter, it all depends how you look at it. The term, “The Alpha House Men’s Shelter", describes what it does, not what it is, just like a home is different than a house.  This house provides shelter, which is what it does. This house is a home, which is what it is. For the most part, it is not that you are here, that is embarrassing, it is that people know why you are here, that is embarrassing. I wasn’t embarrassed being at the hospital, only embarrassed because there were people who knew why I was there. Being in need of a shelter is not just for protection from your surroundings, it can be to help you with the things inside of you that you need to be sheltered from. Being sheltered in not a location, it is a condition. There are people who live in a home and have a lot of things around them, and they have no shelter. They have nothing to protect them from the influences of this world. Maybe we should say that we are being sheltered rather than we are living in a shelter.
Ps 91:1
1He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High, Will abide in the shadow of the Almighty.
Notice how it doesn’t say: He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High                                           Will be embarrassed by being there