The Pure Shot

I have a dear friend who is a golf instructor. We frequently play golf and what is also nice, is that he helps me with various parts of my game. He shows me how to grip the club, place the ball, aim the shot, and check my alignment. Who could have a better playing partner than me? With Pete’s help, in five months my score has gone from a 112 to a 92. Pete has an unusual teaching style. He looks at what you have and then works with that. He stays with the basics and tells his students to practice them and the more they practice, the better they will get.
I have played golf with other people who have the same problems that I had and I tried to show them what my friend Pete showed me. I figured that if the lessons I learned from Pete helped me, they would also benefit them, but for some reason, they don’t want to listen to me, so they go on making bad shots and then get upset because they can’t hit the ball well. It is sad that they would rather hit a bad shot than ask for, or take advice. I think it might be a pride issue. I could understand if I was hitting bad shots and tried to tell them something, then they would probably think, “If he learned the lesson, why isn’t he hitting a good shot”?
A lot of golfers are used to hitting bad shots and instead of learning how to do it correct, they just adjust for that terrible slice by aiming for the left side of the fairway. What they are saying is that they don’t want to change themselves, so they will change the way the course is played. The problem with this approach is that when they do hit a good shot, it is of no value because they are in the rough on the left side of the fairway.
Pete is pretty much a scratch golfer and I know that I will never be Pete. All I want to do is practice what he has taught me and be able to hit a pure shot once in awhile. You see, I enjoy the game, and as long as I don’t focus on the score too much, I will continue to enjoy the game. When I have a problem, I ask Pete to look at what I am doing and make a suggestion on what I can do to overcome it. If I continually asked for help and never took his advice, he would probably think, “What’s the use in telling him, he never uses my advice”.
In this game of life people face many problems that hinder them from hitting the ball straight. They have Depression, Financial Worries, Family Problems, Addictions, and Health Issues. Instead of listening to the Instructor and overcoming these bad shots, people adjust their life. The adjustments that people use are; Anti-depressants, Credit Cards, Divorce, Alcohol, Drugs, and Over-Eating.
Your life in never going to be perfect, just like I am never going to be on the P.G.A. circuit. What are you willing to do to change the way your game is going? Do you want to go through life in a constant state of making adjustments for not doing the things that you should do in order to hit your ball straight? Do you find, like some golfers, you have an excuse for every bad shot you make, when in reality, the only excuse you have is that you just want to do it your way. Golfers that hack their way through the game usually play with other hackers. Golfers that take the game serious, usually play with other golfers who also take the game serious. Why is that? I can tell you from experience that listening to someone, shot after shot, complaining about everything from, waiting on someone throws off their timing, to how bad the greens are, when in reality, the fact is that they are not doing what they need to do to hit a good shot. Golfers that take the game serious may not score great, but they are constantly looking for ways to improve their game. I used to dread hitting into a bunker, until Pete showed me how to hit out of hit, and just so you know, he showed me more than once. The reason he showed me more than once is because I asked and then I listened.
The course that you walk is full of traps and out of bounds, just like a golf course. I like playing the course with Pete, because if I get into trouble, I can turn and ask for help. If I was playing by myself, well, I would have to depend on my skills. When you walk through life and you walk with Jesus, He will advise you when you get into trouble, you know, when you accidentally hit one into a trap. If you walk through life alone, all you have is yourself and your skills. Pete will never expect me to be him and likewise Jesus will never expect you to be Him.