The Lord' s House

You here a lot of people say, “This is the House of the Lord”. Did you ever think, what makes it the House of the Lord? It means that the Lord dwells in that house. What would cause the Lord to dwell in that house? It is because that house was a fitting place for Him. There are some places that are not the House of the Lord, they are the house of man. One thing you need to realize, if it is the House of the Lord, He will dwell in that place, if it is the house of man, He will not. When the tabernacle was built, it was laid out by God and the ones who built it were anointed by the Holy Spirit to do the work. No one was allowed to use their opinion; it was by God’s plan, period.
Over the years, man has decided to improve on what God had intended for this place that He wanted to dwell in and now many buildings are going through the motions, with very little real results. Why? It is because God does not have a place to dwell. The Lord says, “My Word is enough, it has always been enough and it will always be enough". Has it ever crossed your mind why people leave a church service and go right back to what ever they were doing before they came to that service? It is because all they had to change their life was dependent on who was singing or preaching. They look to the program and not to the One who can change their life. The service is filled with the latest slide show, or what ever new buzz phrases that are popular for that time in hopes that it will cause people to think. There are sad stories and sad videos presented, in the hopes that the people would be moved emotionally.
                I am sure that when they were building the tabernacle, there were all kinds of people putting their two cents in, but the ones building the tabernacle had their orders from God and that was all that counted. I wonder how many were given the plans for a House of the Lord and somewhere along the way; they changed it because of some committee recommendations. Do you know what would have happened if the ones that built the tabernacle changed what God had wanted for His dwelling place, He would not have dwelt there? If you changed the plans that the Holy Spirit laid out for your House of the Lord, do you think God will dwell there? Do you think you can be in the presence of God and not be aware of it? I don’t think so!
            If you do not feel the presence of God in this place where you go, it is because God has a problem dwelling there. The problem is that, it is not a House of God; it is a house of man. Week after week the Pastor begs for people to get involved in the church, yet few get involved, why? If God was there, He would have conviction fall on everyone there and one of two things would happen, some would get involved and the others would never come back to that church again. This sounds a little severe, but when the sea was parted, it would remain as God’s House. God would dwell in such a place because He without a shadow of doubt would be the purpose of that place. It would be a place where man could go to be with God and not a place where God could go to be with man. Remember, it is the House of God, not the house of man. If it is a House of God, then God will always be there,
whether man is there or not. If someone is troubled and it is late at night, they could go to the House of the Lord and be with Him. If it is a house of man, that troubled person will have to make an appointment. God is not like man, He never sleeps, He never gets weary, and He never goes on vacation. Wouldn’t it be fitting to make a dwelling place for the Lord, a place where people could come to be with Him? You can not go to a man’s house anytime you want. You should be able to go to the Lords house and be with Him anytime you want. 
                Who would build a house without first counting the cost? What materials did you use to build your house? Did you use materials that you thought would attract man or did you use what the Lord wanted you to use. Do you know more than God on what the needs of man are? His materials are His Word, His Love, His Sacrifice, His Grace, and His Mercy. Is this what you used to build your house, or do you think that all you had to use were the things of this world. When they built the tabernacle, God supplied everything they needed; they only had to follow His floor plan. You can not build His House with your materials, you must use His. If you use His floor plan and His materials, it will truly be a House of God and He will surely dwell there.
Ex 25:8
8 "Let them construct a sanctuary for Me, that I may dwell among them.