Helping You Find A
Place to Call Home

Helping You Find A
Helping Hand

Alpha House is a Christian Based Homeless Shelter for men. We are a transitional shelter, which means we are set up to assist men in getting back on their feet with helping them with employment, counseling, helping them get help for any physical health issues. We also help them with living skills. Our focus is helping with foundation building because so many of the men have plans on what they want, but have no foundation to stand on while they are trying to get there. Alpha House provides a safe place for these homeless men to live in while they reconnect with society.
About the Director
Bill Webster
I met Bill Webster only casually when I visited he and his wife, Mary, in their home following their visit to East Side Baptist Church. He told me of his recent and miraculous healing which included his salvation. He now was on a mission to spread the Word of forgiveness and salvation, through Jesus Christ. He shared his heart for reaching down and out men who felt so hopeless they had given up on finding God. Bill was in the pharmacy when I felt the irrepressible urge to invite him to a Bible study at the struggling Men's Shelter, which was in need of new life, and was near and dear to my heart. Bill agreed to attend and began a remarkable journey as director of the Alpha House Shelter, where God has used him to touch hundreds of men's lives. Since October 14th 2001, Bill continues to be a true blessing in these men's lives.
~ Danny Ponder ~